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Chaque vie est importante, prenons soin de nos ainés . HMS est un projet d’entreprenariat créer par un groupe d’étudiant dans le but d’aider les seniors dans tous les aspects de la vie. Que ça soit au niveau de la santé, adminstratif et sociale. Le but étant de relier toutes ces options dans une seule application permettant la facilité d’emploi pour tous.


Help My Senior aims to provide daily support to elderly individuals through psychological, health, and biography creation services. The enterprise was founded by a group of young individuals in Marseille, France, who recognized the need for such services in their community.


To achieve its goals, Help My Senior takes a comprehensive approach to elderly care, addressing not only physical health but also psychological well-being and personal history. The enterprise partners with qualified healthcare professionals to provide high-quality support to its clients.


Since its establishment, Help My Senior has become a well-known and respected provider of elderly care services in Marseille. The enterprise has helped many elderly individuals to maintain their independence and improve their quality of life. Through its approach of providing personalized support to each client, Help My Senior has earned a reputation for its compassion and commitment to excellence.